Ten Things Tuesday

26 02 2008

 I have three basic, but kind of silly, rules of life that I taught Pumkin Pie and Bean when they were very young. They are the first three on my list. For the sake of Ten Things Tuesday, I decided to think seven more.

 1. Never take ’em back. You broke up for a reason. It probably won’t work if you try and give it another go.

 2. No open containers. Meaning booze in the car when I am driving. I’m not willing to lose my licence because you want to finish your beer.

 3. Never drink bad coffee. Cheap coffee is ok if it tastes good but life is too damn short to drink gross coffee.

 4. If it doesn’t fit in your pocket, you don’t need it. This is actually my motto. How much of that crap in your purse do you actually use anyway?

 5. Clean the damn snow off of your car! I don’t understand people only  who clean off a small part of their windshield. They can’t see out of the back window or the sides. Then the snow flies off in giant chunks while on the highway and smashes other peoples windshields. Not only is it dumb, it’s dangerous.

 6.  Shut the water off when you brush your teeth. There is no need too waste.

 7. Turn signals are there for a reason. I’m not a mind reader. It would be nice if you let your fellow drivers know what your intentions are.

 8. Try some manners!I have been having a hard time with this lately and I am blown away by the number of adults who don’t use any manners. The biggest offenders are people in bars who bump in to you and make you spill your drink and don’t bother to say a word. I’m not sure if this is a New England phenomenon or what but I have to say that New Yorkers are GREAT about sayin’ sorry!

 9.  Do unto others.. Really. This is a good rule to live by. The world does not revolve around you. Don’t ask me to do something for you that you wouldn’t do for yourself or for me.

 10. Be nice or leave. ‘Nuff said.




6 responses

26 02 2008

Meadmaker’s wife had a terrible experience with flying ice – it came clean through her windshield and damaged her dashboard. Luckily, she wasn’t hurt, but it’s serious business.

I’d add “DON’T do unto others” as well – we forget about that…

Be nice or leave, indeed!

26 02 2008

#4. All of it. Every single damn stupid thing that’s in there. If you need a pen or a tissue or the number for your doc’s office you can probably go get it out of the glove compartment or the trunk or from above the visor. I carry my house on my back and I like to have a book to read on the train and to have my hands free.

#6. I do that but mostly because I tend to walk around the house while I brush.

#8. That’s ’cause New Yorkers will cut you if you don’t say sorry. We call that “going Brooklyn on your ass.”

26 02 2008

You got me Kizz! The Doc’s number and the pen are on the visor. The tissue is in the glove box. However, the phone is in the pocket which has the number and I can take notes on it. I can, and have put tissue in my pocket. Also, the sleeve works just fine for that too.

26 02 2008
Laurie B

I’m with you on all of your rules. The rule about pockets is one I use all of the time. I tried to carry one of those “not quite a backpack” things and just felt way too tricked out.

Things may have to change though, now I have a phone and glasses and sunglasses so I’ll have to figure something out. Then I’ll probably just forget the bag I’ll put them in somewhere. Life use to be so simple.

26 02 2008

#3…very important

26 02 2008
Mrs. G.

I have purse issues, but I am polite.

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