25 02 2008

 Last Tuesday after work I came home, turned on the news and was futzing around the kitchen. I was not paying attention to the news at all. All of a sudden, I hear a crack. In an instant I was focused. I mean like the world stopped focused. Normally when you hear a crack it means something bad. Not in this case. Before I even turned toward the noise I knew what it was and I was instantly filled with joy and hope. I felt the smile form on my face and with that one crack, all was right in my world. I turned toward the tv and there it was; they were showing Big Papi in the cages wailing on baseballs.

papi-batting.jpg Here he is at his first day of spring training.papi-and-brad-mills.jpg Here his is showing Brad Mills, the bench coach, some love.

happy-david.jpg `As you can see, he is very happy to see Sean Casey. Papi isn’t my favorite player, Wakefield is, but just look at this guy! He loves to play, he loves his coaches, and he loves his team. And boy can he crush a baseball. I have to say, I have enjoyed watching him over the years. When he’s at bat, people stop and watch. They don’t want to miss him hitting one over the Green Monster. And if he doesn’t hit it out, it is funny as hell to watch him chug run and even more funny to watch him belly flop his sorry ass slide into second.

 We didn’t watch baseball as kids, we were a football family. Chili watches baseball because, well, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. I didn’t start watching baseball on a regular basis until the late 90’s. When I started, it was true love. Me and baseball just fit. I’m not exactly sure what it is about baseball that I love so much. It just touches something deep inside me. Have you ever had someone ask you how you knew something and your reply was “I just know”. That’s it for me. I just know.

 I can, and have on one occasion, talk about baseball all day long. The day I went to the rally, me and the peeps talked about baseball all day. It really was one of the best days of my life. Great people, another world series banner, a parade and lots of cold beer. I was in my glory. Maslow would call it a “peak experience”. Holy crap! I have to write an essay for my mid-term this week. I am so doing it on Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs as it related to my day at the rally! All of my needs were met and I was so self-actualized that day it wasn’t even funny! Whoa, sorry about that school tangent, I just got very excited for a minuet.. Back to baseball. This is going to be a exciting year. Look at this team we have! We’ve got  a rookie of the year (Dustin), a gold glove winner ( Youk ,who, by the way was moved from 3rd to first just last year) a kid who threw a no hitter ( Clay) a future rookie of the year ( Jacoby, who will beat out Crisp for the starting center field job) and a bunch of veterans who just kick ass. Hell, Manny even showed up for spring training ON TIME this year. A political move (he is in the last year of his contract this year) but on time none


the less.  I have never been as excited  for baseball to begin as I am this year. Yesterday I found myself searching the guide on the tv for ANYTHING baseball related to watch. Sadly, I found nothing. This Thursday is their first game. They always play Boston college in the spring. How lucky those college boys are to have a chance to play the World Series Champs! I would love a chance to try and hit one off of Wake. I know I would never connect, but to have the chance at a at bat against this guy would be so cool. Have you seen him pitch? The things he can make a baseball do are amazing!

 Ok, I’ll stop now. We can talk more about this as the season goes on. I’ll end with some more pictures.

tim.jpg Tim working his magic!dustin.jpg Dustin, 2007 Rookie of the Year. pap.jpg Pap, soon to be the best closer ever.

foot-race.jpg Youk and Coco in a foot race. Youk has no chance.

 And for Chili and Kizz because they were not impressed with the picture of Nick that I posted for THEM(!) yesterday, here is Mike running drills and a random, non baseball picture of Colin Farrell. Who loves you girls more than me?

mike-running-drills.jpg                                            colin_farrell.jpg

Photo Credits: .  All Papi pics and Manny    Tim,Dustin,Pap,Youk, Coco andMike   Colin




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25 02 2008

No one loves us better than you do – I think that’s plainly obvious.

The Manny picture is pretty cute, even though Manny, as a rule, doesn’t float my boat.

I also LOVE Papi, and for just the reasons you write here; he loves his job, he loves his teammates, and that joy just radiates off of him. It’s a good thing he can crush a baseball because, as you say, he can’t run for shit (but it is fun to watch him try…)

I LOVE that you’re already connecting college to your real life! THAT’S when you’re going to get good at it – when you can see correlations and connections that you can use to make your life in and out of the classroom richer and more meaningful. Do your report on your rally day; you’ll ace it.

25 02 2008

You do love me ’cause you even broke your theme for me. If you ever need a baseball something for me you can always go with Lowell. He’s my fave.

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