Clean Sheet Sunday

24 02 2008


I went to the laundry mat today. I think that proper laundry mat etiquette would say that the person walking in or out WITHOUT carrying a heavy basket full of clothes would yield to the person who IS carrying a heavy basket full of clothes. Both on my way in and on my way out I had to move for someone who had nothing in their hands. Sigh. Also, if you choose to use the rolling baskets supplied by the laundry mat, I think you should also yield to the person lugging their heavy laundry. And in both cases, if you choose not to yield, could you at least say “excuse me”? I always say it even if I am the one you should be yielding to. Sigh again.

 Thought you breeder girls might like a picture of Nick Lachey carrying his laundry. I think he is looking at the person carrying nothing who didn’t yield for him..

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3 responses

24 02 2008

Breeder girls…..ha ha ha …now that gave me a laugh.

24 02 2008

Not every breeder girl likes him, you know. Now, get me a photo of Mike Lowell lugging laundry, and we’ve got something to talk about…

24 02 2008

I know a lot of us who do like a little Lachey with their Latte but he never quite did it for me. Now Colin Farrell who just presented on the Oscars, well, he can carry my laundry and not say excuse me and dirty up my sheets any. old. time.

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