Ten Things Tuesday

19 02 2008

I got this off of a friends myspace, it has 10 categories so I thought it would work. Here goes.. 


1. Slept in your bed besides you? Ugh, Mrs.Ex
2. Saw you cry:I don’t remember but I cried on the phone while talking to my friend Phattie
3. Went to the movies with you? MST
4. You went to the mall with? Boss
5. You went to dinner with? Boss
6. You talked on the phone? SLM2
7. Said ‘I love you’ to you and really meant it? Chili
8. Broke your heart? It doesn’t get broken, just bruised
9. Made you laugh? SLM2


1. Pierce your nose or tongue? nose
2. Be serious or be funny? funny
3. Drink whole or skim milk? Skim
4. Die in a fire or drown? OMG.. drown
5. Spend time with your parents or enemies? Enemies!


1. Simple or complicated? simple
2. Gay? yes
3. Hardcore? Not really


1. Flowers or candy? Flowers
2. Gray or black? I own a lot of gray
3. Color or Black and white photos? Both..
4. Lust or love? love
5. Sunrise or sunset? sunrise
6. M&Ms or Skittles? M&Ms
8. Staying up late or waking up early? The early bird gets the fresh coffee!


1. Do you like anyone? No, I hate everyone! Not like, like..
2. Do they know it? It would be weird if they did.


1. Sun or moon? sun
2. Winter or Fall? Fall
3. Left or right? Right
4. 10 acquaintances or having two best friends? two best friends
5. Sun or rain? sun
6. Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream? chocolate
7. Vodka or Jack? Vodka makes me evil


1. What time is it? 6:49 am
2. Name?Not tellin
3. Nickname(s): Auntie
4. Where were you born? A scary little town
5. What is your birthdate? 5/02
6. What do you want?Nothing really. Oh wait, an ipod touch!
7. Where do you want to live? right here
8. How many kids do you want? two
9. What would you want to name a girl? Elizabeth, Taylor, or Lily…
10. What would you want to name a boy? Not really sure. I’m pretty sure I’ll have girls anyway.
11. You want to get married? Yup


1. Nervous Habits: Bouncing my leg
2. Are you double jointed? nope
3. Can you roll your tongue? yes
4. Can you raise one eyebrow? no
5. Can you cross your eyes? yup
6. Do you make your bed daily? Yes!
8. Which shoe goes on first? whichever one I pick up first
9. Ever thrown one at someone? I don’t think so
10. On the average, how much money do you carry with you? under $20
11. What jewelry do you wear? Earrings, sometimes a bracelet, ring and necklace


1. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it? twirl
2. Have you ever eaten Spam? I tried it, it was gross
3. Favorite ice cream: Chocolate
4. How many kinds cereal are in your cabinet? Two
5. What’s your favorite beverage? Coffee
7. Do you cook? Yes


1. Had a b/f or g/f? no
2. Bought something you didn’t need: yes, mocha lattes!
4. Sang in front of people: Friends in the car..
5. Been kissed: yes, on the cheek
6. Been hugged: yes
7. Felt stupid: No
8. Missed someone: yes
9. Got drunk: tipsy
10. Got high: no
11. Danced Crazy: I dance like a white chick
12. Gotten your hair cut: no, but I really need one. This growing it out thing is not working for me!!
13. Cried: yes
14. Lied: Just a white one




2 responses

19 02 2008

Oh, I would MUCH rather spend time with enemies than with parents!

I saw a quote attributed to Maya Angelou in which she said something like no matter how you feel about your parents, you’ll miss them when they’re gone from your life. I remember thinking that’s entirely UNtrue. I don’t miss them at all; not even a little.

19 02 2008
Laurie B

HI Auntie, thanks for posting this. I dance like a white chick too. Only fatter than most I would guess (but then, I’m over 50 so what do I care?).

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