Another crisis averted

15 02 2008

 The room-mate came into my room at 6:30 this morning. “Auntie! The sump pump is broken!” she said. “We need to start bailing right now! Do you have a wet/ dry vac?” says me. “No but I have the pump I use to get the water off of the pool cover.” she said. “Go grab it! I’ll put on pants and grab the hose! Meet me in the basement!” I said. ” Ma already called the plumber.” She said. There was maybe 2 inches of water down there and it was rising fast.

 Now nobody likes water in the basement, however, when a $7,000 furnace was installed just one day ago, this becomes a really big deal. Ma was about to come undone. She had to go to work and left us in charge. I assured her that everything would be ok and that I would stay home from work to take care of things. With that, I was outside trying to un-kink the hose. By the time I did that, the plumber was here. He did his magic in about an hour. I won’t even tell you how much it cost. Let’s just say I could have purchased a pump at the hardware store for less then it cost to have him come out at 6:30 am.  It is something that I could have installed myself too. Bummer.

 The room-mate went to The Home Depot (I dislike that store in a BIG way and avoid it at all costs) and purchased a wet/dry vac. We were able to get it pretty dry down there. A fan is now running and my job for the day is to make sure nothing bad happens again.

 This is why I don’t mind being a renter.



3 responses

15 02 2008

Yikes! I bet Ma’s happy to have you living there right about now! You really are good in a crisis, especially of this sort…

16 02 2008
Mrs. G.

I’m a renter too, and every time we talk about buying a house (which would be a miracle as we live in one of the most costly housing markets in the country), I am reminded of the fact that we wouldn’t be able to pick up the phone and call the landlord for help. Sorry about the water…yuck!

17 02 2008
Laurie B

I’m checking in on a friend’s house while she is away. She has one sump pump, I’m going to go put in another tomorrow. Water up to the electrical panel= bad, two sump pumps running=good. We own ours (pretty dry) she owns hers ( very wet) and she’s off seeing family. I’m running the pumps. Friends do what has to be done. She watches our backs all of the time.

Glad you are feeling better. If your are the handy-gal type, maybe you should own instead of rent.

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