Ten Things Tuesday

12 02 2008

Ten things you may or may not know about me;

1.       I have a large head. It’s got a nice shape to it though and on the two occasions where I had a buzz cut (both because I was dared) people commented on its lovely shape.

2.       I have weird food issues; specifically I have issues with the texture of some foods. Cooked tomatoes, whole pickles (spears and slices are ok), and melted peanut butter gross me out.

3.       When I wash my body, I go down my left side and back up my right.

4.       The order I dress is undies, socks, pants, shoes or slippers, bra, and shirt.

5.       I brush my teeth with my eyes closed. This way I feel I concentrate more and end up with cleaner teeth. I have an electric tooth brush that I am in love with.

6.       I have issues with seeing my own blood or at least a lot of my own blood. If you are bleeding to death, no problem. If you see me bleeding to death, please help me.

7.       I hate leaving the house with dishes in the sink. I have to do this today because there is an issue with the h2o heater and I was given strict instructions to use as little water as possible today.

8.       I make my bed every single day and I am a very clean person. I will clean after I have people over. I would rather have the house clean for me, not for you.

9.       I need things to feel good. I dress for comfort, not style. Almost everything I own is soft and comfy. I love the way a warm breeze feels on my skin.

10.   When I travel for a weekend getaway, I bring my coffee maker and my Bose speakers for my ipod. My friends give me a hard time about this but they never seem to mind the yummy coffee and the tunes…

There you have it. Happy Tuesday!




3 responses

12 02 2008

You must be very glamorous when you get interrupted in the dressing process and end up wandering around the house in your skivvies and socks.

12 02 2008

I do undies and bra, socks, pants, blouse. I’ve never thought before of the order in which I dress, but there you have it. I’d also rather have face stuff in my hair than hair stuff on my face, so my moisturizer goes on before my leave-in conditioner and gel.

I LURVE melted peanut butter. Mmmmmmm!

13 02 2008

Do you have a nice shaped ass too ?? How about the shape of your boobs?

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