Hives part??? And other stuff.

11 02 2008

 Live blogging from class. Mr. Teacher said that today would be easier then the last two weeks. Easier? Ugh.

 I went for my follow up  the doc today. Still can’t really confirm what is causing the hives. I had more blood work and a sinus x-ray today. Apparently my white blood cell count is very low. Turns out I have some sort of infection. The NP thinks it’s a sinus. I told her I felt fine and have clear shnoogers. She put me on an antibiotic anyway. I have been feeling much better but still am very tired and have been sleeping late, like till six. What ever I have is wearing me out. And frustrating me in a big way.

 I’m not sure if I told you this or not, but I called the PO last Thursday, late afternoon and left her a voice mail. She called me back today and left a message for me. She was out sick on Friday. She said she would “love” to go to lunch but this week she was very busy. She said we could figure it out when we got in touch with each other. Of course when I called her back, she was not at her desk… So, I left her a message and said that next week would be great, maybe dinner would work better for you? I’ll keep you posted.

 Also, I really dig how when you go to log in to word press it says “Already hip?”. Everytime I see that I say to myself “Yes I am!”. I’m a dork, I know.




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11 02 2008

Despite my renewed serious hatred of the antibiotics I’d love to hear that you had a curable infection rather than an allergy to chocolate. I had some sinus X-rays a couple of years ago. Very weird business but cool to see inside your head.

11 02 2008
Laurie B

A quick one from BEW, believe it or not.

We just put on the women’s basketball game on ESPN (Monday, 7 PM)- to honor “breast cancer awareness month” (I think), the Rutgers team is wearing pink as their traveling uniforms, and all of the Tennessee fans I can see on the screen seem to be wearing pink as well.

Given that my mother was a breast cancer survivor for 30 years (it was a bad valve in her aorta that ultimately killed her), I find it MOST touching, and am very appreciative of the efforts of both coaches, Pat Summit and Vivian Stringer (my absolute favorite coaches in women’s BB). The tee shirts in the stands..and that would be thousands of them..all say “think pink”

It’s a stunningly good thing.

OK, BEW ends there. The rest is mine..sorry.

The sidelines are painted pink. I hope you are watching. Even the officials have their whistles on a pink cord.

And then there is Code Pink from Pat Humpries and SandyO. different thing, just as important.

OK, after my BEW sends you a note (first ever for her), I’d have to assume, based on your website, that you are a younger version of her. Stay with it. You are a keeper and some smart/lucky woman out there will figure that out.

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