Ten Things Tuesday

5 02 2008

Ten Chocolate things I love;

1.      Mocha Lattes. I drink them every day, usually iced.

2.      Chocolate chip cookies. Usually I get the double chocolate. Yum!

3.      Chocolate frosted donuts ‘cause, you know, donuts have less fat then a muffin.

4.      Chocolate ice cream with..

5.      Chocolate sauce on top. Toss in a banana to get a serving of fruit!

6.      Mrs. Chili’s chocolate cake. It’s heaven I tell you! It’s something really I look forward to on my birthday.

7.      Any kind of dark chocolate. The darker the better.

8.      Milk chocolate is awesome too. I prefer the dark but won’t turn down the milk.

9.      Chocolate covered raisins. Two food groups in one!

10.   Brownies with chocolate chunks. Yummy!!

       As you can see, I love chocolate. People buy me chocolate all the time. Friends have some on hand when I come to visit them, I receive it as gifts for occasions and for no reason at all. The cook at my old job would always make sure I had a stash in my office to help with the stress. I eat chocolate every single day. It makes me happy, its good for my soul. It turns out that it also may be the cause of my hives. People, I am allergic to chocolate. I have NEVER said this before but here I am, on the record: Life is so unfair.




4 responses

5 02 2008


Life is SO unfair! Does this mean I’m going to have to make a different cake for your birthday??

5 02 2008

No, Chili. If the chocolate IS causing the hives I will be taking a pill to deal. I go back to the doctor on Monday and I will know more then. For now, I am not eating the yummyness for a couple of days to see what happens..

5 02 2008

Whoa. That’s bad. Like, and you’ll pardon the huge assumption I’m making here but like operable brain tumor bad. I’d be taking the pill too. Maybe they can narrow it down to something in the process of chocolating so you can work around the hives.

For a second, though, were you weighing how itchy the hives were and thinking, “weeeeeeelllll, I think this’ll be ok.”

5 02 2008

Kizz, everyone I have told has had the same reaction. I’ve gotten a lot of “I’m so sorry!” and “That sucks! You love chocolate!”. The hives are not always too bad. I will continue to eat/drink it and take the pill as needed. As of right now though, I am jonesing for a mocha latte! I need a chocolate detox. Today and tomorrow will be my chocolate free days. Really, I hope I get the hives anyway!!! I really don’t want it to be about chocolate..

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