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5 02 2008

I HAVE HIVES! I have had NO chocolate today. Against the advice of my PA student friend, MST, I am having a small piece of chocolate. She says I should give it another day or two. I say she’s a dumb college kid! Really, she’s pretty smaht, but I think she is wrong in this case. I need a small chocolate snack. Just one piece.

In other news, I talked to the PO today. Remember how I said I didn’t think she was on my team? Not so sure now. Here is the conversation we had after discussing how both of the clients we have in common are now back in the clink;

Auntie: “Well, I guess I won’t be talking to you for awhile.”

PO: “Oh no! You can call me ANY time!”

Auntie: “OK, how about we get together for lunch?”

PO: “That would be great!”

Auntie: “I’ll give you a call when I’m in town.”

PO: “OK, sounds good!”

Now I thought about this for a bit and decided she was just being nice. Who doesn’t like to go to lunch? Then I talked to my friend Boss. Boss is very straight. She said that if it were her, she would have said no to lunch or made it very clear that it was as friends. “Auntie,” she said “it’s not like people can’t tell you’re a lesbian.” I told her I didn’t want to read too much in to her accepting my offer. She said I wasn’t reading enough in to it.

What do ya think?




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5 02 2008

I say you better do that lunch thing soon so you can gather more data.

Also, DON’T HAVE THE CHOCOLATE SNACK! If it’s not the chocolate causing the hives you want to be really sure about it.

6 02 2008

I’m with Kizz on both counts. Have lunch sooner rather than later and find out more about the PO (though, I do have to say, I think your signs are encouraging), and stay off the chocolate. It’s worth a few days of suffering to know for sure that chocolate’s NOT the cause…

6 02 2008

To late. I had one chocolate chip cookie last night. I wasn’t planning on having a mocha latte today. I’ll give it one more day. I really should quit those things anyway, they are to damn expensive!
I don’t think I’ll be able to have lunch with the PO this week. Next week I am sure I can squeeze her in.. I really just don’t want to read too much into this…

6 02 2008
Laurie B

I think your smaht friend is very smaht. NO CHOCOLATE. Allergies that create hives can be deadly. Until you know for sure that chocolate isn’t the problem, please just don’t have any, not even a tiny piece.

Good work on the lunch thing, that was very brave of you.
Don’t let the chance slip away, call her and set the date. Have fun, maybe by then you can have chocolate too!

22 04 2008

THANK YOU, everyone, for backing me up on the no chocolate thing! hahaha!!

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