I’m FINALLY ready for some football

3 02 2008

 I just turned on the tv. Usually it goes on earlier to watch as much of the pre-game as possible. Today though, I spent the majority of my time doing homework and studying. I missed my first Psych class due to registering late so I had some catching up to do. In addition to having extra work, being sick really put me behind. I did do a bit of reading over the last couple of days but not as much as I would have liked. Thankfully today I woke up feeling MUCH better (although still a bit of a runny nose and cough) and hit the books right away. I stopped to run to the market for football food, returned and went right back to the books.  I was totally focused and got everything  that I needed and wanted to do finished! What I really need to learn is how not to answer the phone every time it rings..

 So now I am watching the pre-game on Fox. The roommate just got home and my friend MST will be joining us later. I will be prepping all the food at 5. Cutting the cheese (haha) and peperoni, washing and cutting the tomatoes for the macho nachos and putting the snacks in their respective bowls. The nachos will be ready for kick off and the dishes will wait until halftime. Normally I do them right away but you know, the game is on so they can sit.





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3 02 2008


We’re going to try to have a decent dinner at around 5:30 and then have snackies for the game. It’s a school night, and I highly suspect that I won’t be awake much past halftime, anyway. I’ll try, though, because I’m betting that it’s going to be a good game…

3 02 2008
Laurie B

Game is up for grabs, we’d best tighten up a bunch. Front line has to get bigger and bolder. The quick step from the giants isn’t being called. Go PATS!

3 02 2008
Laurie B

Keep on with school!

Football..that sucked. Billly B wore that stupid red sweatshirt and the Giants defensive line just kicked butt.

Go figure, convention took it’s tole, weather was great, got home to watch disorganised Patriots football..we’re off to bed.

3 02 2008

I…uh…don’t know what to … say.

Just felt I needed to say something.

In the immortal words of Charlie Brown, “Bleargh!”

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