The itchy and scratchy show, part 2

31 01 2008

 I still have hives. I have had hives for about 41 hours now. I have not ever had them for this long. I go to the doctors at 9. The thing is, the hives are only on my ass. Great.  ” Hi Doc, my name is Auntie. My hives are on my ass. Let me show you!” I am so psyched that I get to drop my pants for the doc I have never met before. I can’t believe I am saying this, but I hope they spread.

 Check back later, I will fill you in on the humiliation of my visit with the doc.


 Just got done with round one at the doctors. I had no idea I would be pricked over 50 times with needles. Yuck. I need to go back on Monday for more pricks. For some reason my insurance won’t allow all the testing on one day. So far I have a very mild reaction to dust mites, mold and maple trees. None of which would explain my hives. The next round is mostly food stuff. When the NP said the word “milk” my heart sank. Milk is the common denominator. I drink lots of milk every day. I once said to my friend; “If my doc told me I could never drink booze again, I would be fine with that. If he said no more milk I would probably die.” God, I hope it’s not the milk. Anyway, they gave me an Rx so I won’t have to deal with this over the weekend. I can’t take it on Sunday as it will mess up the tests on Monday. Please pray that it is something other then milk. Ugh.




5 responses

31 01 2008

Could be worse, they could be confined to your coochie.

Good luck!

31 01 2008

Bah! They’ve seen worse, I’m sure – and Kizz is right! Good ole Kizz – she can always prove that it’s better than we think it is!

I love you. Call me when you’re dressed again….

31 01 2008

I would totally lose my shit if I couldn’t drink milk anymore. I’m praying it’s NOT a milk allergy…..

31 01 2008

hives suck and milk is awesome. i REALLY hope they go away without forcing you to go lactose-free.

i came from mrs. chili’s place, and i’m glad to “meet” you! 🙂

2 02 2008
Laurie B

Hey, heinie hives are strange indeed. Hope that it isn’t a milk allergy but it could be anything. Since this started before ( or after?) coversation with the PO lady, well this would be a helpful indicator. hives, not family …hives. Go figure, copyright it.

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