Yes, I am scratching my butt. You would too!

30 01 2008

I’m calling the doctor today. It’s got to be pretty bad for me to call the doctor.

For the last four months I have been getting hives. Not every day but a lot. They would come between 5:30 and 7:30 at night and last a couple hours. They always start on the back of my head then move to my belly, back, butt and on to the top of my legs by my crotch. Awe-Some! Usually they are not too itchy and only a couple of times I have had to take something for them. I have changed nothing. Not my diet, soap or lotion. I have no idea why I am getting them.

Yesterday I got them at 2:30 in the afternoon. When I looked in the mirror I was horrified. My entire stomach was like one giant hive. I looked like a monster. I don’t usually freak out about stuff like this but yesterday I did. I called my friend MST who is going to school to be a PA. I knew she wouldn’t have answers for me. What I was really looking for was a some reassurance. She was great. She asked me if I was breathing ok (I was) and all the hive related questions. What did you eat today? Any changes in products? She recommended I take a Benadryll and call the doc. I already took the pill I told her and I would be falling asleep any minute now..

I passed out, woke up at 7:30 pm, went to bed , woke up at 2:30 am. I now had the hives on my arm. WTF! I had a glass of milk and went back to bed. I woke up again at 6:30. Yup, still got them! Now they are on my belly again and still on my arms. Oh, and my lip. It looks like I got punched. Drinking coffee is difficult. This is where I draw the line. When it starts to interfere with coffee, something drastic needs to be done. I will call the doc as soon as they open.

It should also be noted that I have a general feeling of yuckiness. It’s like I am starting a cold. I am not stuffy but I have a slight cough, possibly a low-grade fever, a dull headache and I am just feeling very tired. I am wondering if I am fighting something and my immune system is working double time, hence causing more hives then usual. Wish me luck. Oh, and if you see me, please don’t point and laugh.


 I have an appointment for tomorrow at 9am. I have been instructed to not take any medications between now and then. Super! The hive on my lip is almost gone, still got ’em on my belly and butt. Scratch, scratch.




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30 01 2008


Call me this afternoon and let me know what’s going on. This is something you REALLY need to have checked out; hives can be dangerous, so pay special attention to your ease of breathing and if it changes at all – even a LITTLE – get to an ER RIGHT AWAY. Promise me…

30 01 2008

I promise.

30 01 2008

I believe I’m slowly becoming an expert on funny looking and humiliating health problems so I empathize. I’m so sorry they aren’t letting you take any meds but I’m glad you’ve got an appointment!

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