It’s official!

26 01 2008

 I are a college student! I have computers for dummies beginners on Monday nights and Intro to Psychology on Wednesday nights. I hate that I have to take these classes because they will probably be so easy for me. My clinical supervisor at work has me writing treatment plans and diagnosing  my clients. Whatever though, it has to be done to get my degree.  Finally my ass is in school and it feels good!

 In other news, I just had lunch with Auntie Teacher. The AWESOME waitress brought my milk with the meal!! She got kudos from me and a 40% tip.

 In closing, a picture that Chili sent me. 


I sent it to a friend who replied; “loved it!!!!  Now all the have to do is feed the kid beans!!!!!”



2 responses

26 01 2008


Congratulations. I’m so glad you’re getting started on this.

26 01 2008

You’re rockin’ my world, my love!! No matter what anyone else tells you, I’m your number 1 fan!

Anything I can do to help – ANYTHING – you know where to reach me.

I love you, kiddo. You’re gonna rock this college thing, easy.

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