I can hardly contain myself.

20 01 2008

Ok folks, it’s game day. Today I would like to call your attention to a couple of sports blogs. The first one has a great article about New Hampshire’s very own Anna Grant. Anna is the 14 year old winner of the punt pass and kick competition for her age group. You may or may not know that when the NFL presented the winners in Indy last week, she was booed. The Colts fans actually booed a 14 year old kid because she was wearing a Patriots Jersey. Is that classy or what!  I would like to think that if she were  at Foxborough and had on a Colts Jersey things would be different. Sadly, I wouldn’t bet on it.

 I am guilty of saying some nasty things about teams and players. I have been known to throw my hat across the room because I am pissed. I, however, do these things in my own living room. “Fans” are getting out of control. They throw snowballs, trash and whatever else they might have in their hands at the time. They swear at players and coaches and start fights with fans of the rival team. Grow the fuck up. I get that you love your team but show some sportsmanship or better yet, some fansmanship. The truth is if Billy was the coach of the Pats fans, most of them wouldn’t be allowed in. He wouldn’t put up with that shit.

 Back to Anna. First of all, way to go! She showed class and tact both during and after the presentation last week. Robert Craft invited her to today’s game so be sure to watch for her!  More Anna related stories here, here, and here!

 Next, in the spirit of the 1st amendment, I would like you to check out this blog. This dude really hates the Pats. He has gone to great lengths to make that very clear. I got a kick out of his blog. I wonder if he would hate us so much if we were 0-16? “What? You want me to check out a blog about Patriots haters?”  I can hear you saying. Yeah. I like this blog. After your done reading, check out his blog roll. He is man enough to show some love!

 Enjoy the game!




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20 01 2008
NFL » I can hardly contain myself.

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20 01 2008

I think you’re right about the Colts jersey in Foxboro – she’d have been booed there, too. I agree 100% with your assessment of how out of hand fans have gotten, and I prefer to watch sporting events in my own home for that very reason.

Are you SURRRRE you don’t want to come over? I’ve got munchies and meatball subs…..

20 01 2008
Laurie B

Yeah, I would hope that the Patriots fans would have been classier but somehow, I doubt it. Some people can’t distinguish good sportsmanship from rabid fandom. That is a pity, as it does reflect on the home team.

But on other fronts, WE WON! We weren’t too sure there for awhile. Brady tossing the interception in the end zone, WTF? Hey Tom, we are wearing blue shirts today.

Creds to Philip Rivers, playing with a torn ACL and a sprained MCL.
LT must be really busted to not have played much at all.

It wasn’t pretty but we scored TD’s and they didn’t. I’m really happy for Jr. Seau. He had some terrific hits.

Domestic goddess that I am, off to put the lasagna in the oven before the next game.

Hope you’re hanging out with friends and family and enjoying the day. Being a holiday tomorrow, I guess court will be closed too. Coffee date will have to wait another week.

We are heading to a week long conference on Sunday next week and are flying home on Super Bowl Sunday. We might pay the extra bucks apiece to get home on Saturday. I’ll be mighty pissed if we miss the game due to missed flights.

Yippee, Go Pats!

20 01 2008

You must be very happy now. Pretty or not it’s over and we’re going to the big party.

Here’s something that irks me about football. Logically I know that one needs x number of minutes to execute a play and that without x number of plays one can’t get a TD but when there’s time left on the clock, even a little bit of time and they say the game is over it makes my teeth itch a little. It feels too much like giving up even if I know logically that there’s nothing they can do. There’s no other game where the players leave the field/ice/water before the clock has wound all the way down, is there?

20 01 2008
Laurie B

HI Kizz, It’s just like the Rocky Horrer Show..in some sports, we do the time warp, again.

21 01 2008

Kizz, your right about no other sports leaving the “field of play” before time is up. They do “manage the clock” though. I don’t mind it so much when the winning team does it but I feel like the team that is behind should NEVER give up. I think San Diego made some mistakes with the clock(they used their last timeout with just over 2 minuets left) and should have went for it on 4th and 10.
I thought for sure The Pack was going to win, I fell asleep and woke up just in time to see NY send the ball through the posts. I was shocked and I feel bad for Brett.

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