Not again!

16 01 2008

See this?


It’s my BRAND NEW tire. No wait, it’s my brand new FLAT tire with a drill bit sticking out of it. When the man took my tire off I knew in an instant it was a drill bit. He said it was something else. I looked again. Yup, it’s a drill bit. He thought I was wrong. I was not. I was wrong about the size of the thing though. I figured it was a small piece of a broken drill bit. Nope!


It was an entire drill bit! That’s it, in my hand to show scale. What is interesting to me is that the blunt end is what punctured my tire. What is also interesting to note is that this is my 3rd flat in 7 months. I have the worst luck with rubber. I thank God that I am a lesbian otherwise I would probably have like 8 kids or something.. I know, condoms are actually made of latex..

Thanks to Mrs. Chili for finding me the number of the tire place. She had an object removed from her tire awhile back too. I don’t have time to link to it. Mrs. Chili, you have the power! You can go ahead and do that if you want!  (Chili says “okay – here’s my tire story…)

And if you are wondering why I had to call the man to remove the tire, it is because the last time I had a flat the jack broke and the damn car fell! I was uninjured, I know better to stay a safe distance. I did buy a replacement that did not lift the car high enough. I returned it and they didn’t have what I needed. As a matter of fact, the man had to use a block to get my car high enough!



3 responses

16 01 2008

Good lord what a pain in the ass. I apparently missed the day in Driver’s Ed where they taught you to change a tire. I have a huge fear of jacks now since I feel all out of my depth. And your falling jack story has just fueled that.

Stay safe!

16 01 2008

Holy CRAP! You TOTALLY win the weird-shit-jammed-in-your-tires contest. The WHOLE drill bit, huh? Damn..

16 01 2008

Kizz, they don’t teach you how to change a flat in drivers ed. I learned that from hanging out at the garage. I do teach my clients how to change a tire though. The scissor jacks that come with cars are crap. Mine buckeled right after I got my tire off. Avoid those if you can.
Chili, I think I only win the weird-shit-jammed-in-your-tire contest because the blunt end did the damage. Who see’s rocks like yours around?

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