Two fer Tuesday

15 01 2008


Today I am honoring two fabulous women who share a birthday! First my sister. She is smart, funny, like pee your pants funny, and pretty hip. She bakes THE BEST THINGS EVER, sends me home with leftovers and edits my poor grammar.  She is a great mommy and friend and she does her best to better the world she lives in. She lets me call her in the middle of the night when I am having women trouble and tells me to come over. She holds me when I cry and makes me feel safe and loved. She challenges me in a way that makes me think and leaves me feeling empowered. For example, I remember when I was maybe 10 and she had a book in her room. It was a photography book and I couldn’t say the word “photography”. I was saying it like “photo graffy”.” Nope, try again!” she said. It probably took me a solid 5 minutes and I kept asking her to just tell me. She refused saying “ You can do it!” Finally I got it and felt so proud of myself. I think she was proud of me too.  I had reading problems as a kid and she had the presence of mind to make me figure it out on my own. In addition to that, we didn’t really get along when we were growing up and looking back, I am surprised she didn’t whack me up side of the head with the book! She gently reminds me of who I am when I forget and gives me a good ass kicking when I need it. She laughs at my dumb jokes and she puts up with all of my quirks. Happy Birthday Mrs. Chili! Loveyoux2! Stop by and wish her a happy day!

 Next is my friend, SLM1. She is also smart, funny and a great mom. She lends me books and engages me in thought provoking conversation. She is the kind of woman who doesn’t look at you, she looks in to you. She never makes me explain myself and she loves me for who I am. She calls me on my shit in a nice way and she doesn’t get mad at me when it takes me a long time to notice her new hair cut. She is a ton of fun to be around and she is honest, real and sincere. She is one of those people who are just easy to be around and I am grateful she is my friend.

 Happy Birthday ladies! Wishing you both the best the year will bring!

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One response

15 01 2008

I love you, too – probably a lot more than you think I do.

I don’t remember the story you tell here; I’ve managed to delete most of my memories from about 16 back – but I do know that, even then, I loved you very much and knew you were better than you thought you were. I still believe that.

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