You have a what??

14 01 2008

 Ok, so I have been emailing this women I met online. Nothing big, maybe 4 emails back and forth. She is a 38 year-old professional woman. Her job would indicate that she is smart, responsable and put together. Here’s the kicker; she has, in her words, a “bunny” and in her free time she enjoys, among other things, playing with her cats.  The cats I can deal with although I am not sure I would disclose that. The “bunny”? Really? I mean if your kid has a bunny, ok but she doesn’t have any kids.

 The Room-mate and I have been talking about our dating adventures a lot lately. I said to her last night that I feel like I need to branch out and date people I normally would not. When we talked about Bunny Lady today she said ” There you go! Someone way different than you would date! Have coffee with her!” Um, yeah, I don’t think this one is for me. Am I being shallow? Really, for all I know she could be super nice and we could hit it off. Something inside of me is saying “not so much” though. I suggested to The Room-mate that she might like to go out with her. I suggested that I would email Bunny Lady and say something like ” You seem really nice but I am not sure we would be a good match. I was telling my room-mate about you and she is interested in meeting you for coffee. You up for that?” The Room-mate said ” Sure! I’ll go out with her!”  What do you all think?

 Oh, and for fun, lets make up a “dating profile” for me. I’ll start it and you can add to it! Here goes;

Me: Smart, hysterically funny(in my own mind), super hot average looking, outdoorsy but not crunchy, emotionally stable(occasional meltdown and raging fits of swearing excluded), insightful,employed lesbian. In my free time I enjoy not playing with my cats, kayaking, reading, swimming and most  sporty type things . Despite the nature of my career and my educational goals, I will not be your therapist. Please do not reply if you are any of the following: A basket case, a slob(I am also not your mother), a NY Yankees fan, mean to small children,  married or in a relationship, butch, are going to call or text me 500 times a day, are over 5’6 because I have issues with my height and I will perceive you as a threatwon’t be able to wear any of your clothes, have a u-haul, don’t mind my (almost) uni-brow,use drugs, not over your last girlfriend, insecure about one of my ex’s also being one of my best friends or if you expect me to wear a dress. Also, you must be willing to have my children and it would be really great if you can cook too. In return I will love you with everything I have, change the oil in your car, bring you coffee in bed, get you thoughtful gifts for your birthday, buy you flowers for no reason except I want to surprise you, watch sappy movies with you, deal with the fact that it takes you 10 times longer to get ready then me, carry your bags when you go shopping, drive to your house to remove the “scary spider” in your living room, and other chivalrous things on a regular basis.

 Match dot com here I come!? Oh, and btw, I didn’t go to court today, so sad..




5 responses

14 01 2008

Love your ad, including the strike throughs. Um, a bunny? I don’t know…it would give me pause, but I can be quick to judge and that’s not good. Keep us posted.

14 01 2008

I love the idea of a dating profile. It’s good to know what your parameters are…

14 01 2008
Laurie B

see previous note about bunnies..scary.

Why not wait another week or two and see if the court woman thing works out?

14 01 2008
Laurie B

Serious Dude, who do I (or you) know that would like Justin Long on her lap? Kizz, perhaps( though I don’t know her. I do hope for Justin’s sake that she’s a straight girl) but yucky, not for me. It’d be worse than having a kid!

I’m sure you know your audience, I hope Kizz knows you and wish her all the best. What’s next, Kevin F and his two kids?

Ok, loved your post about Match.thing. You’ll catch your girl, she might bust a move and turn you. Best thing thatever happened to me. TMI for some of the more gentle readers. Being loved is an amazing thing. Hope you find her, and enjoy it. Whenever it comes along and whatever form it might be.

Best wishes

15 01 2008

I love your ad, but maybe you should put in more of what you ARE looking for in a person. Many people may not do the things on your “do not respond if” list, but how ’bout a “respond if” list?

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