I suck

14 01 2008

 I only got one football prediction right. It’s the one that realy matters so it’s fine. The Pats won but I was sure they would only win by a field goal. Oh well.

 I am kind of superstitious when it comes to sports. What I do for the first game I have to do for every game. When the Sox won the World Series in ’04, I showered at 7:15 and ate ice cream at 8 for every single game that I watched at home. Every. Single. Game. I was sure that it was my routine that brought us all the way. This year for the Pats I have cooked macho nachos for every game I watched at home. Not this week. It gave me a bit of anxiety but I didn’t feel like cooking. We ordered buffalo wings, french fries and onion rings. Today I am able to admit that what I do has absolutly nothing to do with whether my team wins or loses. I’m feeling kind of empty by this realization and may have to go to therapy to deal with my feelings of loss.

 I watched with Dude and the roommate. I don’t like to watch at Dudes because she is a perpetual flicker. She has to change channels at every commercial to see what else is on. Usually she flips back to late and we end up missing a play or two. This makes me crazy! She tried to do this on Saturday. As soon as she picked up the remote I said ” Dude, put the remote down!! There will be no changing channels!” at which point she said she was just browsing through the guide to see what else was on. WHY! Why would you care to see what else is on?? The game came back on and I told her she needed to exit out of the guide because it was blocking the lower portion of the tv. For real? Should I even HAVE to say that? I think not.

 So, I’ll put myself out there again. Next weeks winners will be the Pats(obviously)and the Packers. I will go on to say that Favre will collapse in the Superbowl and throw 3 int. Don’t hold me to it because clearly my predictions are off.

 Oh, and today is my day in court. Unless it is cancelled from the snow..




3 responses

14 01 2008
Laurie B

Just sayin, You don’t suck.

OK, for this game we had scalloped potatoes with ham. Sissy girl food, but full of calories. Hey, you think we got to be bodaceous without working on it? He he he.

And don’t talk like that about yourself (or anyone) to me. I don’t know you but I think I’d like you as a friend. You do not suck.

I’m very happily partnered and have been for decades. I think you are a younger version of me or the BEW. We are so looking forward to what’s next for you. Granted, there might be mistakes..( don’t date the woman with a bunny..been there, done that)

But what the hell, take some chances, do not combine check books, get out alive. Now there’s a motto for ya!

Hang in there

15 01 2008

Thanks Laurie B. I know I don’t suck and I get upset when people say not nice things about themselves. I was just playin.
When I am partnered for good, there WILL be a combining of checkbooks. I have no issue with that..
Would you care to do a guest post on your bunny experience? I would LOVE to hear that one!!!
Also, I am very sorry, what does BEW stand for? I know LOL, FDA, LMAO, TTYL..

15 01 2008
Laurie B

BEW? She’s my Blue Eyed Wonder. Never in my life had I considered ever falling in love with a blond! One look at her (and that was at a distance) and I just KNEW it.

It took a little time (12 years of being good friends) but we finally got on the same page. I’d been out for years already and got brave and ‘fessed up about how I felt about her. We started dating, then courting, then….well it’s been almost fifteen years since then. We long ago combined the checkbook.

If you ask us about our anniversary, I’d say June 20, 1980. The BEW would say Oct. 11, 1992. We celebrate them both. 🙂

I’ll decline the guest blog about bunnies. I think I was trying to save her from her mental illness. Things got wild, she did some things that are not acceptable, I left right then and there. If you do date the bunny woman trust your family and friends to tell you if it’s a sane thing or not. End of tale.

I did learn from that round though and it was part of what got me to the BEW, so it’s all come around right. I’m old, but I’m happy!

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