True Love

12 01 2008

 So, SLM1’s birthday is this week. SLM2 is taking her up north to a resort to celebrate. Apparently this place is great and has a really nice spa. Just the thing a hardworking lipstick lesbo mom of two would like for her birthday. I thought it was a really nice gift for SLM2 to get her wife. The other day while I was driving I was thinking about just how nice a gift it was when it hit me. The big game is Saturday! SLM2 will be missing the game in order to insure that her wife has a fantastic birthday! I started freaking out and I immediately picked up the phone and called SLM2. I got her voice-mail and left a message that went something like this; ” OH MY GOD! It just occurred to me that you will be away for the game! What are you going to do?!! You must REALLY love your wife to be doing this! I have a tremendous amount of admiration and respect for you and I hope to be so in love someday that I would be willing to miss a playoff game for my partner. Do you need me to text you score updates? I would be happy to do that for you. You’re my hero!” She left me this message; ” I know I’m missing the game, it’s ok. She will probably be ok with watching it or checking the score once in awhile. Yes, I really do love my wife.”

 How cool is that? I have said for a long time now that sports on tv are a great date-o-meter. My feeling is if I’m on a date and find myself paying more attention to the tv then to the date, there will be no second date. My hope is to find someone who captures my full attention. It would be a huge bonus if she liked to watch sports too so we could enjoy it together, but in the beginning, I want to focus on her, not the baseball/football. I have caught myself eyeing the tv while on a date and I really try to bring my attention back to the person I am with. Sometimes it just doesn’t happen. If I’m not feeling the love then I’m just not feeling the love..

 Mrs. Ex and I went out to dinner after dating for about a month. The Sox were on so I purposely sat with my back to the tv. After a few minutes some young women sat beside us. Mrs. Ex and I chatted and ate but I just wasn’t there and I knew she knew it and I was hoping she wouldn’t figure out why. She kept looking at the women at the table beside us then at me. As we were getting ready to leave, she turned around. My spot was blown. ” You have been watching the game in the mirror this whole time! I thought you were checking out the girls next to us!” My reply; “While on a date with you! That would be rude!”

 Big Papi hit a monster home-run that game. Do you have any idea how hard it was not to react to that?



3 responses

12 01 2008

It’s wrong that I love how smart and sneaky you were, right?

12 01 2008

No Kizz, it’s not wrong. But you need to know that my intention was to pay attention to her, not the game. That’s why I sat with my back to the tv. I had no idea there was a mirror there. Bonus!

13 01 2008
Laurie B

re: dating and sports on tv

We know ourselves well enough that if we have a choice we both sit on the same side of the booth so we can both watch the game.

If we can’t have a booth ( as if we ever go out anywhere when the Patriots are on.. like, we decline invitations so that we can stay home), we set up so that BEW can see the game and I pick up the reflection in her glasses. People think I’m all googly eyed for her. I am, but I’m also watching the game. In her glasses. he he he. our secret, right?

Go Patriots. That, and so hoping for a snow day in the morning.

Hey, did you have coffee, with HER?

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