Credit where credit is due

3 01 2008

I have issues with bad service. Big issues. My friends tell me I am too hard on the waitstaff at restaurants. I really don’t think so. I am paying good money for my meal so it better come as I ordered it. Now if my meat comes over cooked (it never comes under cooked) it is not the wait persons fault. I do feel as though the wait staff should come back to the table shortly after serving me and ask if it is cooked to my liking. Also, my water glass should never be empty and if I am having something else to drink and it’s getting low, I expect to be asked if I want more. And when I say I want a glass of milk with the meal, that means with the meal. Not ten minutes before or after. It burns my ass when I have to wait for my milk. Listen, I’m not high maintenance although I may appear to be here. I just want to get what I am paying for. I have been known to leave extremely large tips when I get good service. Like super huge tips.

Having said that, I would like to share with you my dining experience from the other night. A group of us went to a Thai place to celebrate Dude’s birthday. It is in the town where she is a cop. That may have had something to do with the service but I don’t really think so. When we arrived, there was ice water on the table. We were immediately greeted by our server who was also a co-owner of the restaurant. He took our drink order, refusing to bring the beer for a member of our party who was due to arrive in moments. He stated that he would bring it as soon as she came so as to insure it would be at the perfect temperature for her. How thoughtful! He gave us plenty of time to look over the menu and patiently answered all of our questions. He made honest recommendations when we tried to order an appetizer. He felt we could do better and he was right. When I spilled my drink ( thank God I wasn’t with or on a date) ALL of the waitstaff rushed over with napkins and cleaned up the mess in seconds. When our food arrived, he was back to ask how everything was. It was excellent! Our water glasses were always full, our drinks were never empty before he was back to ask if we wanted more. He was attentive but he did not hover. I told him that it was by far the best meal I have had out in a very, very long time. I even invited him to join us at our table for some chit chat. I have never done that before. Great food, great service = humongous tip! I can’t wait to go back.




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4 01 2008

Believe it or not, we had great service at the Olive Garden before Bruder went home. Five adults and two kids, all the drinks came out in time, the salad was just as we ordered it, and my picky ravioli order (I want a different sauce than comes on it) was just right.

It’s really not hard to be a good wait person – you just have to care, and to be able to let the asshole customers roll off your back..

4 01 2008

“I’m not high maintenance although I may appear to be here.”

I’d write more but I’m laughing too hard, it’s shaking the laptop.

4 01 2008

What’s so funny about that? Glad you got a laugh though!

4 01 2008
Laurie B

We tip the basic 15% for most things. Any service deserving less, I simply talk with the manager. For the most part, bad management is to blame for poor service. I won’t blame the serve staff for management mistakes.

I’ve worked enough service meals to know the difference.

If I’m pretty happy, I tip better than norm. We don’t eat out a lot so a decent tip six times a year won’t break the bank. The best meal in town is at our house so we really do not eat out often.

If we do eat out it’s usually a breakfast and we tip big there. A 15% tip on a ten dollar combined breakfast bill doesn’t equal a 15% on a big night out for dinner. So, breakfast servers get a bigger tip. When we do go out to dinner, 15% or 18% is the norm.

People have to make a living regardless if I think everything is perfect or not. The wage laws set it up so that servers need to have tips. They make $2.85 per hour without tips. When was the last time you worked for that money?

You do what you need to do and it’s ok.

Good service starts with a good owner, smart management and staff happiness. I don’t eat at places that don’t have all of the above.

Hey, and Happy Birthday Dude.

She’s going to make you famous, like it or not.

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