Happy New Year!

1 01 2008

 Last night/this mornings festivities were pretty fun and for the most part, drama free. We had dinner, saw a comedian, danced and did some people watching.

 The comedian was pretty funny. He sat at at a piano, told some jokes and sang some songs. Had a game where he changed the last word of any three word (or more) song, tv show or movie to the word cu*t. For example, “My three cu*ts”, “Fried Green cu*ts”, “The wizard of cu*t”. Go ahead, think of some! It’s kinda fun in a gross way. He also did a great job of making fun of the people in the audience, especially the lesbians.  We were totally out numbered all night, kind of a bummer..

 Me and my friend spent about 15 minuets watching a very drunk gay man nearly fall down. Thank God there was a pole in the room. It was probably the only reason he stayed upright. He had his arm around it and he kept swaying to and fro and a couple of times he spun around the pole. We were laughing pretty hard. Also, aforementioned friend observed some guy fall down a flight of stairs*.  At 9:30! Dude, pace yourself! She said two other people needed to be helped down the stairs. Ugh, I bet they feel like ass today. I do not feel like ass today. I only had a few beers. Not enough sleep though.

 Towards the end of the night, the drag queen host announced that she had coke for sale at a good price. I could not believe my ears. My friend asked, ” Did she say what I think she said?” I said, “Yes she did and we should get out of here before the place gets raided and we all get arrested.”  Nice, huh? We left shortly after.

 I hope you had a nice night!

*He was unharmed.




5 responses

2 01 2008

Wow, clearly things are way more exciting in P-town than in Brooklyn. I get anxious when people are that drunk, I feel like I’m supposed to take care of them but I’m afraid they’ll puke and I’m really bad with the puking.

2 01 2008

OK, that is so much more exciting than my night last night which consisted of willing my small children to bed, then curling up under a blanket to watch bad TV.

glad you had fun

2 01 2008

Actually Kizz it was Ogunquit. My rules about puking are as follows; you puke cause you’re a dumbass drunk, you puke alone. You puke cause you’re really sick, I got your back.
Jodi, willing small children to bed is a lot more fun than trying to get a drunk person to go to bed. Apparently I slept through the one member of our party crying outside of our room.. Sorry I missed that! Not.

2 01 2008
Laurie B

Hey whodoesshethinksheis,

I’m glad that you went, saw, and conquered. A buzz is nice, falling down and crawling isn’t. Especially on OGQT. Will those guys ever figure out that spandex is not pretty to any sane human?

I’m afraid of *’town, glad you went, but we are happy in Happy Valley. We didn’t even do “First night”. Here at home it was “Good NIght” at 10 pm. OK, we’re old, but we’re happy. Maybe that was a Cat Stevens song, but we’re long time lovers and it suits us well.

Happy New Year, I hope it brings all that you hope for.

Glad that you are blogging.
From a sister,
Laurie B

3 01 2008

Thanks for the message Laurie B! In all fairness, I have seen my share of very drunk women too.. And to be honest, I would much rather be home on New Years cuddling on the couch with my special someone. It’s just not in the cards right now. I’m not old, I would just prefer a nice low key night. Maybe this year!
Thanks for stopping by!

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