No more guest blogging for me!

29 12 2007

SO here I am, finally. After a few guest blogs over at Blue Door and 117hudson, I have finally decided to start my own blog. Here are the rules: #1. I’ll write when the mood strikes, not a second sooner. #2. Feel free to leave a comment. However, if you say something ignorant, arrogant or just plain stupid, I WILL call you on it. Speak your mind, just be nice. #3. I can add more rules as I see fit. That’s it folks, hope you enjoy.

 Oh, before I go, please check out my blog roll. Blue door is my sister, Mrs. Chili. She is the one who suggested I start my own blog. She is pretty smaht and funny at the same time. She does a “Ten things Tuesday” blog that I love.  See the snow  falling on my page? I added that for her. She loves winter! Kizz over at 117hudson is one of the coolest chicks I know AND  she is a great writer. Man, that girl is creative. Over at Derfwad manner we have Mrs. G. Kizz actually pointed me in her direction. I was practictly peeing myself while reading. She has this secret crush thing going on and.. trust me, check her out. Last but not least is California teacher guy. He is (obviously) a teacher who cares very deeply about his students. He inspires me. I wish he was my teacher when I was in school.



Ps. Who is going to teach me how to link stuff? Mrs. Chili?




5 responses

29 12 2007

Hey, what a cool surprise to see that you’re doing this! Since I’m not on WordPress you’re going to have to get your seester to teach you the linking thing. I’m adding you to my Google Reader right this minute.


29 12 2007
Rich | Championable

I always hear sentences with the word “will” in all caps in Sting’s voice. From the movie “Dune.” Which I haven’t even seen. But the commercial had him stomping across a room yelling “I WILL kill him!” And, well, it’s stuck with me ever since.

Anway, good luck with rule #2. Sorry about all the sentence fragments.

30 12 2007

Thanks Rich. I don’t need luck, I have skill! I don’t even believe in luck..

30 12 2007

The mysterious Auntie turns out to be my favorite blogger’s sister.

I’ll be watching (visualize that all-too-common gesture where someone points their first two fingers at their own eyes, then points them at you).

30 12 2007

welcome to the blogosphere. (Mrs. Chili is truly one of my favorite reads on the the ‘net.) I’ll be adding you to my blogroll.

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