Happy Birthday, Dude

29 12 2007

Today is my friend’s birthday. Her name is Dude. Well, we call each other dude. This commercial sums it up.

 We can speak to each other like this and understand each other perfectly. Dude is a cop. She is a short Italian cop. She tells a lot of stories but when it comes to feelings, she is a woman of very few words. Let me share a story. We were involved in a pretty bad car accident a few years ago. She was fine, I effed up my neck and needed to go to the hospital. While walking out of the hospital I was feeling pretty emotional and lucky to be alive. I wanted to tell her I loved her. The conversation went like this: Me “Dude.” Her “I know Dude.”

 That’s it folks. We had successfully said that we loved each other without actually have to use the word “love”.

 I could tell you a million funny stories about her but since it is her birthday, I’m letting her off the hook. Shes a good friend, a good cop and a great Auntie.

 Happy birthday, Dude. I love like you a lot!




3 responses

29 12 2007

Happy Birthday Dude!

29 12 2007

Nothin’ like a good dude friend.

29 12 2007

Happy birthday dude…

Welcome to the sphere.

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